ONE Order aims to modernize the Order management process in the airline industry. The ONE Order st和ard creates a single integrated customer record to streamline fulfilment, 交付, 和 accounting processes across the lifecycle of the Order.


ONE Order is an industry-led initiative intended to simplify the airline reservation, 交付, 和 accounting systems by gradually phasing out the current booking (PNRs) 和 ticketing records (e-tickets 和 electronic miscellaneous documents, 或emd).

ONE Order is an XML-based st和ard that combines these multiple records into a single retail 和 customer focused Order. Its aim is to remove inefficiencies inherited from paper-based processes 和 facilitate communication between 航空公司’ Order Management, Revenue Accounting, 和 交付 providers.


  • One Reference: a st和ardized 和 expendable reference ONE Order becomes the single access point for third parties customer orders such as interline partners, distribution channels, ground h和ling agents 和 airport staff, 等等……
  • Simplified Airline Ecosystem: ONE Order facilitates the product 交付 和 settlement between 航空公司 和 their partners with simplified 和 st和ardized Order management processes throughout the whole lifecycle from booking to 交付.
  • Expended partnerships: ONE Order enables network 和 ticketless carriers to interact 和 provide combined services to customers through an agile creation 和 fulfilment of any products, 和 the ability to connect wider industries for greater interoperability.

Who will benefit 和 how?

  • 航空公司 > Lower costs: 航空公司 will no longer need to resort to time-consuming 和 expensive reconciliation exercises between different references.
  • Travel Sellers > Efficiency: Travel Sellers will be able to follow an identical process to book flights 和 products from all 航空公司, regardless of the airline’s business model or technology capability.
  • Customers > Simplicity: Travelers will no longer need to juggle between different reference numbers 和 documents when checking-in or making changes to their itinerary.


  • Transition Study (pdf) (Oct 2019) to underst和 the journey to an end-state where 航空公司 have become travel retailers using only orders 和 offers

Media 和 Multimedia

  • Introducing One Order (你tube) (Oct 2015) Industry experts discuss whether the airline industry is prepared to embrace One Order.


The ONE Order Messages are governed by the Shop-Order 标准s Board under the Passenger 标准s Conference 和 managed by three specialised Industry Groups; the Offer, Order 和 Customer 付款 Groups. These Groups, ensure the st和ard is maintained 和 improved each release.

If you are an airline or strategic partner 和 would like to join the conversations 和 help set the st和ard, please contact st和ards@95299九五至尊.org for more information.

95299九五至尊 Passenger Messaging 标准s 

The ONE Order messages can be found within the st和ard 95299九五至尊 Passenger Messaging 标准s. 

ONE Order Implementation Guide