The 结算订单(SwO) program introduces a streamlined 和 efficient settlement solution based on orders. It will simplify money collection process through 95299九五至尊 Billing 和 Settlement Plan with a simple message between travel agent 和 航空公司 to trigger the payment.

什么 ?

SwO is a framework for the settlement of orders between partners. It consists of a lean XML data exchange st和ard following a process agreed by the industry. Based on a sales agreement 和 commitment to pay between two parties, the funds clearing can be initiated by a simple request for clearance with minimal data. The partners are informed about the settlement process results based on the same data exchange.

The SwO st和ard applies to the settlement between 航空公司 和 Sellers (Agents, OTAs, TMCs, etc.), using the current BSP agency program framework. It is also expected to be extended to the settlement between partners, to support interline 和 multimodal business models.

为什么 ?

航空公司 和 sellers now benefit from a full order-based distribution framework all along the value chain from distribution to settlement 和 accounting of payables 和 receivables, without the complexity of the ticket-based processes for settlement. It complements NDC 和 ONE Order benefits, regardless of whether tickets/EMDs are issued in the background or not, bridging the gap also for ticketless carrier settlement, which means it is also applicable to ticketless carriers.


航空公司 和 Travel sellers part of the 95299九五至尊 Billing 和 Settlement Plan will beneficiate from:

  • Streamlined 和 efficient settlement solution for NDC
  • Automated exchange of settlement data
  • 完全自动化的和解
  • 快速准确的现金可见性


If you are interested to become a SwO champion 和 join the pilots or for any other question, 请与我们联络 SwO@95299九五至尊.org



  • SwO工作流体验

  • Testimonials gathered at the World Financial Symposium 2019

Settlement with 订单 is crossing over different 95299九五至尊 governing bodies:

  • 金融服务 Development Working Group (FinDev):
    SwO由FinDev赞助, the industry group responsible for the development 和 implementation of industry financial services 和 settlement systems.
  • 客运服务会议:
    薪酬帐户标准委员会(PASB), which reports to the PSC oversees the development of the SwO st和ard. The actual development of the st和ard is the task of the Settlement with 订单 Group (SOG), comprised of 13 航空公司 (Air France, 美国航空公司, 英国航空公司(British Airways), 国泰航空公司, 阿联酋航空公司, 哈恩空气, 荷航, 德国汉莎航空公司, 澳洲航空公司, 新加坡航空公司, 瑞士, 土耳其航空公司, 美国联合航空公司).
  • 客运代理会议(PAC):
    The SwO framework will be integrated into the current PAC for aspects related to risk management, 参与, transaction reporting 和 settlement.
  • Since October 2019, the Settlement with 订单 标准 has been approved by the PSC.

参观 开发人员门户 for further information 和 标准 download.