航空公司每年运输超过5200万公吨的货物, representing more than 35% of global trade by value but less than 1% of world trade by volume. 相当于6美元.每年价值8万亿美元的商品.每天价值60亿的商品. Find out more 有趣的空气cargo facts (pdf)


The pandemic has accelerated change and how air cargo and e-commerce are transforming to adapt to new consumer and market demands. 我们检查的趋势, 消费行为, 不断增长的可持续性挑战, 回答一个基本问题:
How can airlines transform to satisfy our e-commerce partners and elevate the

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2022 UPDATES: IATA Manuals include all necessary information about new regulations taking effect as of January 1, 以及它们如何影响空运货物的运输和处理. Learn more

自COVID-19危机开始以来, 航空货运一直是运送急需药品的重要合作伙伴, 医疗设备(包括备件/修理部件), and in keeping global supply chains functioning for the most time-sensitive materials. 这已经通过专用货轮操作完成, 客机载货能力的利用, 以及救援航班前往受灾地区. 如欲了解更多有关的资讯,请按以下网址:


请参阅有关 货物安全装卸 & 2019冠状病毒病期间的员工安全 (pdf).

These 地面处理人员参考指南 (pdf)将有助于所有人在COVID-19疫情期间保持最新信息.

We are supporting the industry in executing cargo operations using passenger aircraft to enhance shipper connectivity options. 95299九五至尊回应行业询问, 与各利益相关者合作, has developed guidance on how to safely transport cargo in the passenger cabin with no presence of passengers. 


Please note that there are many considerations to be made when loading cargo into the passenger cabin, 如消防和灭火, 重量和平衡, 确保负载和负载限制, and many more. Refer to the regulatory documentation available and guidance from your State. Also, note that passenger compartments on passenger aircraft may or may not support the transport of dangerous goods in response to shipper needs.

95299九五至尊推出了ONE Source, an online platform which helps the air cargo industry match shipping needs with the availability of infrastructure capabilities and certifications of service providers across the value chain.

This is particularly timely amid the COVID-19 crisis when shippers of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals need accurate information for time- and temperature-sensitive shipments. ONE Source列出了航空公司最新的运营信息, airports, 货物装卸设备, 货运代理, ground handlers, shippers, 和货运公司. 

请参阅我们的 COVID-19《95299九五至尊》 (pdf) for more information on the transport of specimens of Covid-19 and alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

IATA works with industry and regulators to review the guidelines and prevent restrictions. See the 世界动物卫生组织关于COVID-19的指导意见.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak the transport of live animals has been challenging globally. The 通过航空指导文件运输活体动物 (pdf) provides information on the current variables to be considered when transporting live animals.

Updated guidance on the transport of human remains by air where the cause of death was COVID-19 (pdf)是与世卫组织、疾病预防控制中心和国际民航组织合作开发的. 有一些航空公司的限制. 提前跟航空公司确认一下.

Due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) and the subsequent closure of all but essential businesses and the imposition of social distancing by many governments, the ability to attend or deliver recurrent dangerous goods training is very limited.

In recognition of the lack of available recurrent dangerous goods training, many States have issued temporary extensions to existing dangerous goods training qualifications. Find out more in this document listing the States that have issued temporary extensions (pdf),连同一个链接到他们的网站提供扩展.

新冠肺炎疫情对航空运输业造成了前所未有的冲击.  The global trade of food is critical to ensure the supply of safe and secure food. See the 粮农组织、世卫组织和世贸组织总干事联合声明 calling on governments to minimize the impact of COVID-19 related border restrictions on trade in food.

请参阅 世卫组织COVID-19与食品安全指南 (pdf) for more information on the transport of perishables so that the integrity of the food chain is maintained.

95299九五至尊指导其成员增加 e-commerce transport, respecting social distancing and quarantine environments and supporting new shipper channels.

The US Customs & 边境保护局发布了指导方针 消费者网络购物安全意识 在COVID-19疫情期间. 

Regulatory & 操作环境

IATA works with ICAO and other regulatory bodies to ensure air cargo supply chains remain open. We collaborate with the World Customs Organization (WCO) on emergency border contacts to minimize border blockages for humanitarian goods (eg protective clothing, 药品疫苗).

IATA member airlines can access the WCO country-specific information by sending an email. 世界海关组织还专门设立了一个章节 website compiling relevant customs information and actions in relation to COVID-19.

我们一直在编制一份即将出台的法规清单, requirements, 和引导材料影响空运货物, 包括与COVID-19危机相关的信息 (pdf).

欧洲委员会发出 2019冠状病毒病疫情期间促进航空货运作业指南 (pdf), 使货物能够持续运送关键产品,如食品, medical supplies, 个人防护用品及其他重要物品.

美国已经签署了 冠状病毒援助、救济和经济安全(关怀)法案, which includes financial support measures for passenger and cargo airlines. 

IATA advocates through ICAO and the states to reduce landing and parking fees associated with cargo to keep supply chains open and medical services flowing. 

95299九五至尊主张 放宽插槽使用规则 有哪些限制,包括暂停80/20. We support the reallocation of slots for cargo and freighter services including prioritizing the use of returned slots for this purpose during the crisis. 了解更多关于2020年北方夏季的信息 减轻槽状态 (pdf).


IATA has advocated for cargo flights to be exempt from state transport restrictions and cargo crew should be exempt from travel and quarantine requirements. 积极的支持 ICAO and EU.


The 地面处理人员的快速参考指南 (pdf) provides a reference to the various governmental and industry guidelines and updates on the COVID-19 outbreak. As well as some additional information specifically related to the ground handling

The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching global effects on cross-border trade, travel, and supply chains. It is essential to make every effort to identify and understand the widespread effects of the pandemic, 并找到应对当前人道主义的解决方案, 政府及商业需要, 并提供可用于应对任何问题的最佳实践
future incident of this kind in an internationally coordinated and coherent manner. 

在PSCG观察中找到更多信息, 世界海关组织及其成员应考虑的优先事项和原则


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