Setting the st和ards leads to safety

Some items may endanger the safety of an aircraft or persons on board, 和 these dangerous materials can either be forbidden or restricted for air transport.  95299九五至尊 leads industry efforts to ensure the safe transport of dangerous goods by air.  We provide a great variety of technical knowledge, 产品, 服务和培训解决方案, tailored to satisfy industry needs.

的 development of st和ards for documentation, 处理和培训, 以及推广和使用, contributed to achieving a very high degree of safety in the transport of dangerous goods by air.


95299九五至尊 works closely with local governments 和 ICAO in the development of regulations. 这种方式, we ensure that the rules 和 guidelines on dangerous goods transport are effective 和 operational practical.

95299九五至尊 危险货物规则 (DGR) manual is the global reference for shipping dangerous goods by air 和 the only st和ard recognized by 航空公司.


2022年更新: 95299九五至尊 Manuals include all necessary information about new regulations taking effect as of January 1, 2022 和 how they impact the shipment 和 h和ling of air cargo. 了解更多


的 63rd edition of the 危险货物规则 includes the provisions on competency-based training 和 assessment (CBTA) as agreed by the 国际民航组织危险品小组 in DGP/27 (September 2019). 的re is a two-year transition period 和 therefore, the training provisions from the 61st edition may continue to be used until 31 December 2022.

附件我.1.5 .如图61所示st edition has been adopted in Subsection 1.第5款及第1款.5从61st edition has been moved to Attachment A of Appendix H.

的 guidance material on the development 和 implementation of competency-based training 和 assessment can be found in Appendix H. This material is the practical guide for the industry players to develop their training framework in accordance with the new provisions 和 will continue to be enhanced by the 危险货物 培训 Working Group (DGTWG) based on the feedback from training providers 和 member 航空公司.

For inquiries 和 feedback on competency-based training 和 assessment, please contact the 危险品支援线.


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