As the economic 和 social impacts of the COVID-19 p和emic continue to become more acute, there is an urgent need to reopen borders, remove travel restrictions 和 enable international travel to resume. With COVID-19 vaccination programs getting underway, 95299九五至尊 is focused on ensuring that vaccine roll-out supports an acceleration of restart. 

The air travel environment is very safe; the multi-layered biosafety measures applied by the industry are highly effective such that the risks of transmission of the virus during travel are much lower than in most other settings including other activities that have restarted.



COVID-19: Air Travel, Public Health Measures 和 Risk: A Brief Summary of Current Medical Evidence. This document provides a brief summary of the latest medical evidence underpinning our policy guidance.



95299九五至尊 supports the ICAO Council’s Aviation Recovery Task Force () aimed at providing practical guidance to governments 和 industry operators to restart the international air transport sector 和 recover from COVID-19 in a coordinated way.

车的“Take-Off" guidance for international aviation,现在是3rd 版, provides a framework for addressing the impact of the COVID-19 p和emic on the global aviation transportation system, 与健康, safety 和 security of the traveling public as a paramount concern.

Further in support of 车’s work 和 objectives is ICAO's Testing 和 Cross-Border Risk Management Measures Manual (Doc 10152) that provides national governments 和 air transport operators with important updates on wide ranging p和emic response 和 recovery priorities relating to civil aviation 和 public health measures.