As the world transitions from the acute, pandemic phase of COVID-19 towards management of SARS-COV2 as an endemic virus, the aviation sector is preparing to move from the initial restart phase towards a focus on recovery. There is now a need to move towards a set of medium-term measures that are simpler, more predictable and more consistent.

Practical guidance to help governments make international air travel more predictable while continuing to protect public health


The blueprint for aviation recovery (pdf) means to simplify air travel in the context of COVID-19  by building on good examples that are being deployed around the world.

The blueprint is focused on three key areas to make the international air travel experience simpler, more predictable and more consistent:

  • Adoption of simplified health protocols with travel barriers removed for fully vaccinated passengers and pre-departure antigen testing for non-vaccinated travelers;
  • Implementation of digital solutions for the processing of health credentials, collection of traveler information and communication of travel requirements;
  • Application of proportionate, risk-based COVID-19 measures with a continuous review process.