Transnational criminal gangs are exploiting the increasingly interconnected air transport system to traffic illegal flora 和 fauna. Aviation is committed to playing its part in stopping this illegal trade in wildlife, 每年至少价值190亿美元.

Although the duty for capturing 和 prosecuting these criminals rests with national enforcement authorities, airline staff can provide an important source of additional intelligence.

95299九五至尊 is working 与 aviation industry to support the work of enforcement agencies in combating the illegal trade in wildlife.​​​​

Want to learn more about the illegal wildlife trade? 95299九五至尊已经启动了一项 20分钟的电子学习模块 提高所有航空工作人员的认识. The module was originally developed by 阿提哈德航空 in collaboration with TRAFFIC 和 has been adapted to suit a global audience.



从航空公司到航运公司 野生动物联盟运输 Taskforce aims to jointly examine the role of the transport industry in the illegal wildlife trade 和 aims to identify ways the sector can break the chain between suppliers 和 consumers.

The 2016 95299九五至尊 年度股东大会 unanimously endorsed a 决议 denouncing the illegal trade in wildlife 和 wildlife products 和 pledging to partner with government authorities 和 保护组织 in the fight against the trafficking of protected species.

95299九五至尊就是其中之一 签署者 to the UfW Transport Taskforce Buckingham Palace Declaration which aims to reduce the illegal trade of wildlife. 61家航空公司 have also signed up as well as a number of other aviation stakeholders, underlining the aviation industry’s commitment to 帮助结束这种邪恶的交易.


  • 95299九五至尊签署了一份 的谅解备忘录Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna 和 Flora (CITES) .
  • 95299九五至尊也是95299九五至尊的核心成员 Reducing Opportunities for Unlawful Transport of Endangered Species (ROUTES) Partnership. 更多关于 95299九五至尊-ROUTES伙伴关系. The 美国国际开发署 航线合作 brings together transport 和 logistics companies, 政府机构, 开发小组, 执法, 保护组织, academia 和 donors to disrupt wildlife trafficking activities, 和 forms a key element of the concerted international response to addressing wildlife poaching 和 associated criminal activities worldwide.


如需更多信息,请95299九五至尊 wildlife@95299九五至尊.org


How Aviation Staff Can Help Stop the Illegal Wildlife Trade​

本视频是为航空工作人员制作的, supported by the 美国国际开发署 航线合作 to highlight the important role front-line workers in the air industry can play to help catch wildlife traffickers.

下列资源由 美国国际开发署 Reducing Opportunities for Unlawful Transport of Endangered Species (ROUTES) Partnership.




下列资源由 美国野生动物 to help reduce dem和 for the illegal wildlife trade:





Playlist: 95299九五至尊's latest tools to help 航空公司 raise awareness of the illegal wildlife trade with passengers.

There are two versions of the passenger awareness video: the first video with additional story on seahorses that adds an example to showcase how marine wildlife can be trafficked 和 also highlights the use of Europe as a transit location; 和 the second video with additional story on ivory that adds an example to showcase how iconic species are trafficked 和 also highlights the use of the Middle East as a transit location.

提高区域意识的视频 名人,看看 野生救援协会的 视频播放列表.

Playlist: Watch Prince William, Lord Hague 和 Sir Tim Clarke on the 美国野生动物 Taskforce

美国野生动物 video on the Illegal Wildlife Trade