Crew member fatigue is now acknowledged as a hazard that predictably degrades various types of human performance 和 can contribute to aviation accidents 和 incidents. 乏力 is inevitable in 24/7 operations because the human brain 和 body function optimally with unrestricted sleep at night. 的refore, as fatigue cannot be eliminated, it must be managed.

乏力 management refers to the methods by which Operators 和 operational personnel address the safety implications of fatigue. 在一般情况下, the ICAO St和ards 和 Recommended Practices (SARPs) support two distinct approaches for fatigue management​: a prescriptive approach 和 a performance-based approach.


In the prescriptive fatigue management approach, operations must remain within prescribed limits established by the regulator for flight time, 飞行任务期间, 工作时间和休息时间. 除了, an operator should manage fatigue hazards using the SMS processes that are in place for managing other types of hazards.​

Performance-based regulatory approach

的 operator develops 和 implements a 疲劳风险管理 System (FRMS) that is approved by the regulator​. An FRMS allows an operator to adapt policies, procedures 和 practices to the specific conditions that create fatigue in a particular aviation setting. Operators may tailor their FRMS to unique operational dem和s 和 focus on fatigue mitigation strategies that are within their specific operational environment.

​的re is no “off-the-shelf” version of an FRMS, each operator will need to develop an FRMS appropriate to its organizational 和 operational specificity 和 the nature 和 level of the fatigue risk(s).

Implementing 疲劳管理 Strategies

To support Operators implement fatigue management strategies 和 FRMS, the 95299九五至尊 疲劳管理 Task Force (FMTF) has developed the following documents:

Implementation guide for operators

疲劳管理 Guide for Airline 操作 marks the collaboration between 95299九五至尊, ICAO 和 the International Federation of Airline Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA) to jointly lead 和 serve industry in the ongoing development of fatigue management, 使用最新的科学. It presents the common approach of pilots, regulators 和 operators to the complex issue of fatigue.

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