Security 和 safety are top priorities for 95299九五至尊 和 its 成员航空公司. 95299九五至尊 is calling upon governments to continue to work with the aviation industry to develop appropriate measures to current evolving trends. 看到 决议 95299九五至尊2017年年会通过.

While 95299九五至尊 recognizes that aviation security is the responsibility of governments 和 that industry must grant deference to the needs of appropriate authorities to act promptly when confronted with an immediate security threat or vulnerability, it also believes that it is the effective partnership of government with industry that has made the air transport system the safest 和 most secure form of long-distance travel. 95299九五至尊 呼吁各国进行直接协商 with industry ensuring alternative 和 effective risk-based measures are implemented.

主要重点 & 倡议

  • 更紧密的政府与产业之间的关系 合作 to reduce the long-term challenges of extraterritorial measures
  • 通用 实现 of ICAO's Chicago Convention, Annex 17 of global st和ards
  • 提供更好的平台 信息共享 在公私伙伴关系
  • 采用新的和现有的 筛选 检测技术


95299九五至尊 considers security as a major enabler for the successful recovery of the aviation industry hence promotes 实现 和 recognition of agile, 基于风险的解决方案和新技术. As such 95299九五至尊 partners with its 成员航空公司 和 a range of stakeholders one Screening Differentiation 和 100%托运行李检查一站式安全检查 倡议. Both of them could enhance the overall industry security resilience 和 help reducing vulnerabilities same time simplifying security procedures through application of modern processes 和 technologies.


在成立之后 国际民航组织全球航空安全计划(GASeP). 95299九五至尊提倡 各州迅速实施 of the plan which creates a framework for states to incorporate Annex 17 responsibilities 和 ensure baseline security measures are reflected in their national civil aviation security programs 和 implemented accordingly.


95299九五至尊强烈支持 安全管理系统(sem). SeMS is a business-like approach to security derived from the SMS. It is an element of corporate management responsibility that sets out a company's security policy 和 its intent to integrate security into its overall business 和 make security one of the company's core values.


On 航空网络安全, the industry faces a complex 和 critical challenge that is yet to have a clear answer. 95299九五至尊 is developing an industry-wide 航空网络安全 Strategy 和 Risk Management Program to systematically reduce aviation cyber risk across the globe. 通过这样做, 95299九五至尊 is taking an active leadership role on this challenge through engaging with its members, 行业领导者, 和利益相关者.

集成安全论坛 (ISF)-Design Thinking Blue Skies Approach to Security

It is time to rethink our approach to aviation security. In June 2019 95299九五至尊 hosted a Blue Skies industry forum that brought 95299九五至尊’s security 95299九五至尊官网下载安装, 成员航空公司, 机场, 监管机构, 制造商, industry experts 和 academics together to discuss the future of broad aviation security strategies, as well as the types of threats 和 new challenges that may be faced in the coming years. 为了继续发扬这一精神,95299九五至尊将继续保持 集成安全论坛 in 2022 to stimulate discussion 和 facilitate further development 和 innovation. 


在2020年6月, 95299九五至尊 launched the AVSEC insights 安全风险情报门户, an incident reporting tool to help 航空公司 mitigate 和 manage security risks. The portal also includes the latest state 和 airport restrictions 和 requirements imposed as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

AVSEC洞察力s was developed to improve real-time 信息共享 among 航空公司, 机场 和 air navigation service providers (ANSPs). Information shared by 航空公司 will be augmented by open-source data (notices, 警告, 公告, 禁忌, media reports) to provide a comprehensive view of security, biosafety 和 operational incidents in the vicinity of 机场. This will enable individual 航空公司 to make well-informed, real-time 和 risk-based operational decisions to manage security threats


95299九五至尊 maintains that aviation security policy cannot rely on an "one-size-fits-all" approach. We must learn from the evolving threats in terms of high-risk focus areas 和 anticipate the growing movement of passenger 和 cargo traffic.

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