​​​IATA Consulting offers an in-depth analysis service of air passenger and a我们的货物市场 unmatched access to global data and industry-leading expertise.


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Our experts leverage their privileged resources to help address and inform a broad range of aviation market industry questions. ​

rket分析, the IATA Consulting team will help you understand important market and industry characteristics that are critical for sound business decisions.​​​​



通过描述驱动程序, characteristics and trends of a market, the air transport market analysis could be used to guide route and network planning decisions, and enhance airline revenue and profitability.


Accurate market intelligence and demand forecasts for capacity planning, air service development and future capital expenditure projects.​

Regulatory and Other Aviation Stakeholders

Market intelligence can make better decisions in the policy and regulatory space, where airlines and other industry stakeholders would be impacted. A view into the future of expected air travel demand can help airlines and other aviation stakeholders make important strategic decisions that will benefit their business as well as the efficiency of the industry overall.


IATA is the source for global and regional analysis of air transport markets and industry performance. With a world-class economics team and unparalleled access to air transport data, IATA Consulting has unique access to resources and tools that will be used to create your custom aviation market analysis:​


  • Access to air transport data including PaxIS and SRS Analyzer
  • Expert technical skills to undertake data analysis
  • Statistical tools including Eviews to help analyze trends in raw data
  • Assessing statistical relationships between variables using econometric techniques
  • Access to economic data sources including Markit and the Economic Intelligence Unit
  • Conclusive interpretation of technical analysis
  • Clear and concise reporting of analysis​​


下载一个样本 presentation of our market analyis capabilities.​​​​​


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