Fuel your organization with powerful passenger insights

IATA Passenger Insights is a reliable source for global statistics on passenger behaviors and industry benchmarks. We survey passengers from around the world on topics covering passenger experience and preferences. Specializing in three areas of passenger insight including passenger satisfaction, frequent flyer satisfaction and behaviors as well as passenger preferences when travelling by air, each survey is designed and analysed by experts in market research.


The 全球旅客调查 acts as a voice of the passenger for the air industry. This annual survey explores passenger preferences and behaviors of air travelers around the world, helping to guide industry initiatives such as identity management, 行李处理, disruption management or organization of processes for passengers with special needs among other areas.

IATA COVID-19旅行者角色

An in-depth analysis of the IATA COVID-19乘客调查s identified six traveler personas that are differentiated based on their willingness to return to travel. The focus has been placed on identifying which safety measures and industry projects will contribute the most to passengers feeling safe and quick to return to their travel habits by taking into account a variety of people’s characteristics, their perceptions of the air industry and their concerns related to travel.

Airsat Passenger Satisfaction Benchmark

Airsat is a world-renowned passenger satisfaction benchmark survey designed specifically for airlines. Unique in the industry with its robust methodology, Airsat provides powerful insight on the end-to-end passenger journey as well as supports airlines in strategic decision-making to differentiate from competitors and deliver exceptional customer experience.



IATA commissioned a survey of recent travellers to find out about the impact COVID-19 on passenger perceptions of the industry as well as expected traveling behaviours. The main purpose of the study was to understand better what trends to expect in the near future which would shape guidelines for the industry.


The Frequent Flyer Program (FFP) Benchmark survey focuses on the experience of the Frequent Flyer program member. Our FFP Benchmark survey provides the data necessary to understand loyal customers’ needs and preferences, 他们如何优化自己的里程, and what they value most about frequent flyer programs.